A Guild, also known as a Clan, is a Group of up to 25 people. Guilds can take Forts, Guild Message eachother, and more. Here is a list of Guilds and its current Leader. (Please contribute!) Note: the Leaders' Ranks are not shown. Another note: Guilds with the Leader's name (Unknown) indicates the Leader is unknown; please edit if you are a contributer and has knowledge of the Leader. (No Ranks, please) One more note: Admin Leaders are marked with the (Admin) indicater. P.S: PM Hikari on Graal Online Classic for more details. (Yes, No. 3. on the list. -.- What? I'm modest!)

  1. Characters Japan; ...
  2. Xenon; (Unknown)
  3. The Star Breakers; Hikari
  4. Jedi Alliance; Luke Skywalker
  5. West School High; M4Miizz
  6. TS; (Uknown)
  8. Why so Serious; Warrlord (Admin)
  9. ONZUZU CLAN; (Unknown)
  10. Serene; (Unknown)
  11. Black Legion; (Torak)
  12. Chain of Memories; (Unknown)
  13. FaRmInG gUiLd; (Unknown)
  14. The Grey Berets of District 12; Peeta Mellark
  15. Peaches; Sihoby Holmes